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MA Research

When I started to think about potential MA courses it also brought up the question of WHERE I was going to be next year. The potential for me to move back to Birmingham is always there as I have property there, my partner lives there and most of my friends. This year it has got increasingly harder to balance what ends up being almost like 2 separate lives. However it can also be argued that even if I were to relocate to Birmingham - a MA course in London still wouldn't be completely out if the question - train connections direct to London are very good and I still have family here so it would be more like a reversal of my current situation.

You cannot really escape the fact that the London colleges have the prestige and renown that brings levity to having done an MA.

So yes I toyed with the idea of a couple of courses in the Midlands, but I started to realise that I will never again be in such an opportune situation as I am now. I am fortunate enough to be living with my parents relatively rent free - I have an income with minimal overheads - I have no dependants and other than my car and phone bill no real commitments. There could not be a more appropriate time to tackle a masters degree - and moving to Birmingham would simply bring more expenditure into the equation.

The table above shows the things I took into consideration while researching MA courses - I was firstly concerned with location, secondly the content of the course, the Art and Space course and Kingston sounds like it was designed for me - my third concern was course leaders. Recently I have become aware of people saying they had chosen a particular course based of a specific tutor and I found it a particularly interesting exercise to research the tutors professional practice.

I also wanted to know how long each course was, deadline dates and at this point I needed to be aware if I would be applying for a 2018 or 2019 start as some deadlines had already passed.

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