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Degree Show Support

Supportive roles that I have taken on in the lead up to the degree show have been to organise an art raffle that was held at the PV of the collaborative works displayed in the Hay Gallery

This involved arranging for other students (and some staff) to donate their work - selling the raffle tickets, and I also was responsible for reserving artwork for people who weren't able to be there if they were drawn, we raised £100 through this which I think was fantastic given it was incredibly short notice and was considered to be the start to the groups fundraising efforts

I was also responsible for researching which crowdfunding sites were best for our kind of project and the fee % that they took from any donations given - crowdfunder had one of the lowest total deductions so I have been responsible for running that page and organising our prizes offered for people who donated a certain amount - a £50 donation would receive a print of their chosen students artwork as a thank you - you can see the page in my blog home page as well.

Finally I put together a poster that could be used to represent the fine art degree show and also be taken with us to the Free Range graduate show in London.

I wanted to use the technique of digitally layering images that create the imagery I work with - but make it so as each students artwork was represented in the piece without any one person being overtly showcased or giving too much away. This idea came out of the fact that as a group we are very consciously trying to present our work together and not as disparate entities.

I am really pleased with the way the image has turned out it was definitely a hard task to try and achieve this and I think my compositional awareness had a big part to play in making the image work.

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