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Degree Show Intentions

The work I have been doing in the studio has lead me to having three intended outcomes in the degree show

1) hanging fabric and sculptural installation in the stair well

2) concrete cast stack in the studio space

3) Scaffolding structures - "punctuation marks"

This is an ambitious amount of work and I will need to be thorough and organised in my planning.

The main showcase for my work will be the work in the stairwell. curatorially I need to consider how I am going to fill the space. how and where my fabric hangings will be attached. how this is going to be a professional development from the hangings I submitted in February. Any health and safety issues that will need to be address from displaying in this area.

The sculptural elements displayed in the gallery space will mostly be free standing structures that will need to be safely secured.

These clamps would be an excellent way to safely secure scaffolding in place and also allow for the scaffolding to be used as a structural anchor point in the building of the work

Industrial cable ties work very well for securing my materials without detracting from the aesthetic qualities.

Wire also works really well to suspend the fabric hangings

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