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My work focuses on capturing the beauty of the in-between, the moment of transition, the metamorphic state when everything is exposed, raw, and full of potential. By interrupting the everyday and encouraging the audience to look beyond general perception and consider the overlooked spaces that surround us. Triggering a personal response in my audience that encourages them to explore and interpret these spaces through their own experience.

I am fascinated by that point explored so often in childhood literature, where something we see every day, a mundane, unremarkable object is given the potential to become a doorway to something extraordinary that captures our imaginations. It is that point, when we go through the looking glass, the wardrobe door or platform 9 and ¾, full of potential and anticipation that my work addresses.  

My own personal interest in architecture and the built environment has lead me to working with construction materials and this allows me to maintain the integrity of the sites I photograph and draw inspiration from. These sites of construction or demolition, even abandoned buildings capture that moment of potential, overlooked so easily in a busy life where these things are common place.

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