Clare Chennells

Clare is an artist from London, who graduated with a First from Colchester School of Art in 2018.


Her artistic practice has grown out of a love of architecture, the built environment and materials and is now a multi-disciplinary exploration of spatial dynamics, distortion of perception and interplay between the structural and intangible. She is naturally drawn to transitional subject matter whether abandoned, disused or decaying buildings, areas in the process of rejuvenation and renovation or the metaphysical transition of our own journeys expressed through the spaces around us.


In her work she uses temporary structures, transparent images and documentation of transitional moments to interpret a snapshot of the energy and potential held in those fragments of time, exposing something ephemeral, and impermanent within the spaces and structures we experience every day. Her work focuses on capturing the essence of the “in-between”: that metamorphic state when everything is exposed, raw and full of potential, before the realisation or solidification of the actual when the structure, the bones, those intangible moments, are hidden behind a façade or skin.

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